The Damned United is a biopic based on Brian Clough, a manager in the 60s and early 70s. This film was released in 2009, and received a 4/5 rating from The Guardian. Brian Clough appointed Peter Taylor whilst managing fourths division Hartlepool United. In this film Brian Clough displays many acts and characteristics to show […]

Julius Caesar and Brutus were two well respected people. Caesar not for his egotistic characteristics but for his power and his arrogance. Brutus, for his nobility and liberty loving. They are both loyal Romans and play a crucial part in Roman society. The way the two express the way they feel are very similar for […]

Define the following keywords and provide examples: Personification – Personification means to give human qualities to an object or animal. eg. The fire devoured the entire Forrest. This a good use of personification because it tells you that the fire has burnt down the entire Forrest as quick as a human would devour something. Anthropomorphic […]

“The Bible is the best guide we can have when making moral decisions” I disagree with this statement because I think people can make their own decisions for themselves. The reason behind my opinion is that people may not have read the bible so they would of not been aware of what’s inside it. The […]

Questions 1. Does the gender in schools effect how you act? 2. Can your intelligence effect your behavior? 3.Should we speak to more than one language as it could increase a better chance at a future job? I think the question i have highlighted is the best question as i think it can change your […]